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Necklace from Wheatley

This neckace (AN1883.69a) was excavated from the grave of an Anglo-Saxon woman (grave no. 27) at Wheatley in Oxfordshire on 25th April 1883. In total 61 amber beads of various sizes were found - note there are only 51 shown the photograph. The other beads on the necklace consisted of 2 blue glass beads, a cube shaped bead, a flattish bead with a wavy white strip, several cylindrical beads of pale transparent glass made to look like several smaller beads together and a bead made from a piece of bone or ivory. On the necklace, there were also several objects used as pendants: two small perforated Roman coins, from the Emperor Constantius II (AD337-360), two wolves or dogs canine teeth and a small boars tusk.

Necklace drawn by Anona Age 8

Anona Age 8

Some of the finds from grave 27 at Wheatley
The grave also contained two disc brooches, an ear-scoop, a small piece of bronze probably used as a pendant and various pieces of iron. Between the feet of the skeleton were found the fragments of a green glass vessel, a flat bronze disc and various other metal objects for which the purpose is unknown.

All these items suggest this woman was relatively wealthy when she died. The variety of objects she was buried with is also unusual.

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