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Drawing of a spindle
Wool could be spun once it had been washed and combed. It was spun using a stick with a weight attached to one end, together this is known as a spindle. The Anglo-Saxons called this a spinl.

The weight is known as a spindle whorl. It could be made of lots of different materials. What do you think these are made of? Click on the pictures to find out.

Spindle whorl drawn by Jade age 10

Jade age 10

Spindle whorl from Woodeaton, Oxfordshire (AN1954.701b)
Spindle whorl from Filkins, Oxfordshire (AN1909.497c)
Spindle whorl from Baggrave, Leicestershire (AN1991.151)
Spindle whorl from Abingdon, Oxfordshire (AN1935.582)

The wool was spun by attaching some to the spindle and letting it drop gradually whilst feeding a thin thread of wool onto the spindle. The spindle whorl spins as it is dropped thus twisting and spinning the wool into thread. The thread gradually winds onto the spindle. When it is full it could be wound into balls ready for weaving.

Woman spinning drawn by Hecate


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