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Anglo-Saxon Toilet Sets

Toilet set from Frilford (AN1886.1422)
Toilet set drawn by Helena

Drawing by Helena

Toilet Set from Cassington (AN1942.156)
Toilet sets include a variety of objects, which the Anglo-Saxons used for their personal hygiene. These included:
Earscoop from Frilford (AN1886.1422)
earscoops - used for removing wax from ears.
Earscoop drawn by Helena

Drawing by Helena

Pick drawn by Helena

Drawing by Helena

nail or tooth picks - used for removing dirt from nails or food from between teeth.
Pick from Filford (AN1886.1422)
Tweezers from Frilford (AN1929.111)
tweezers - used for removing hair
Tweezers drawn by Sehrash age 9

Sehrash age 9

Scrapers from Abingdon (AN1935.47c)
scrapers - we do not know what these were used for.

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Cosmetic brush from Cassington (AN194.155)
cosmetic brushes - these would have held animal hairs but its use is unknown

Cosmetic brush drawn by Matthew age 10

Matthew age 10


A toilet set could consist of all or just a couple of these objects. They were usually hung together on a ring which may have been worn on a belt or suspended on from a woman's necklace which was worn between a pair of brooches.


Toilet set drawn by Helena

Drawing by Helena

From the finds in graves, it seems both men and women used toilet sets. However men seem to have prefered to use tweezers and women picks.