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Weaving wool into cloth would have been done mainly by Anglo-Saxon women. They would have used a type of loom known as a warp-weighted loom to weave the material .

Loom drawn by Phoebe Age 7 1/2
Phoebe Age 7 1/2

These looms had a wooden frame from which threads of wool were hung.

Drawing of loomweight

Clay weights were used to keep the vertical threads tight. Wool was then woven in front and behind these vertical threads to create the material.

In an Anglo-Saxon house the loom probably stood against a wall since it was quite large.

A thread picker was used to push the threads together so that they were tightly woven and there was no holes in the material.

Drawing of thread picker

Thread picker from Sutton Courtenay (AN1968.1470)
After the material was woven it could be sewn into clothes and other useful items. Can you think of other things the Anglo-Saxons might have used cloth for?
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