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A Day in the Life of Anglo-Saxon Children

Boy drawn by Ally
Ally age 8

Ceolwulf and Hilda are bother and sister. They live on a farm with their parents, Burgred and Aelfwyn.

They both get up early in the morning, when the sun rises. Ceolwulf helps chop and fetch wood for the fire, whilst Hilda helps her mother prepare the morning meal.

During the morning, they both help look after the animals and fetch water from the nearby stream. They eat a meal mid-morning usually consisting of bread, cheese, meat or potage - a dish a bit like porridge.

During the day Ceolwulf helps his father in the fields and around the farm. He goes into the fields to round up the animals when they need to come into the farm. Burgred is teaching Ceolwulf to hunt. He is being taught to use a bow and arrow and a spear. He is learning how to use these for hunting and for fighting. He hopes one day to learn how to use a sword and shield.

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Girl drawn by Hesinen

Hesinen age 8

During the day Hilda combs and spins wool. She is also learning how to weave and embroider patterns on clothes.

She helps prepare the evening meal and watches the fire to make sure the food keeps cooking. She helps look after the animals and works on the farm. She also collects eggs from the chickens. Sometimes she helps in the vegetable garden.

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In the evening Ceolwulf and Hilda eat their evening meal. Sometimes they listen to stories being told or music being played by their parents. Ceolwulf and Hilda also both like to play board games and try to make up riddles.

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