Drawings of Anglo-Saxons


Drawings of objects

Anglo-Saxon Trade

How far did the Anglo-Saxons trade?

Where do you think these objects came from?

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Amber beads (AN1938.1217)
Amber for beads
Pottery bottle (AN1923.769)
Merovingian Pottery Bottle
Coptic Bowl (AN1927.6889)
'Coptic' Bowl

The Anglo-Saxons would trade with their neighbours and villages in their area for most everyday objects. However for special objects they would trade with people much further away.

How did the Anglo-Saxons pay for things?

Most Anglo-Saxons did not use coins and money to buy goods like we do today. They bought most things by barter. This inolved exchanging one item for another of equal value.

Saucer brooch
How much would you pay for this brooch?
Sheep drawn by Anna
Comb drawn by Nicky age 10
Apple drawn by Irene
2 sheep
a comb
3 sacks of apples