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Anglo-Saxon Knives

Knife from Wallingford (AN1938.1209)

Knives were a basic tool used by most Anglo-Saxons. All free Anglo-Saxons would have carried a knife, although slaves may not have carried knives.

The Anglo-Saxons made knives out of iron. Archeologists find just the metal part of knives but originally they would have had handles made of wood, bone or antler.
Replica of an Anglo-Saxon knife

Knife drawn by Jade age 10

Jade age 10

Knives had many uses including:

  • eating and preparing food
  • butchering animals
  • cutting leather
  • cutting and shaping wood
  • carving antler or bone
  • for making clothes - to cut wool or linen thread
  • as a weapon
Can you think of any more things an Anglo-Saxon could have used a knife for?