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Theme: Anglo-Saxon Clothes

These lesson plans are designed to be used in conjunction with this website.

This series of 3 lessons covers one theme – Anglo-Saxon Clothes.

Lesson 1: Who Wore What?

This lesson investigates the evidence that tells us about the clothes that Anglo-Saxon men, women and children would have worn.

Lesson 2: Making Anglo-Saxon Clothes?

This lesson explores how Anglo-Saxon clothes were made, what they were made from and who would have made them.

Lesson 3: Exploring the Evidence

This lesson reviews and consolidates what the children have discovered about Anglo-Saxon clothes. Exploring the evidence in further detail.


The lesson plans could be used as ‘stand alone’ lessons or as part of a series of lessons on one theme.  This format provides an example of how the Anglo-Saxon Discovery website can be used.

This format could easily be applied to other themes (e.g. daily life, food, housing, death and beliefs, etc.). Equally the website and activities could be used for whole class sessions.

These lesson plans are flexible and are designed to be a stimulus for teachers wishing to use the website.

Support Materials

Some supporting materials are provided on the website, such as the worksheets, however other books, websites and supplementary resources are encouraged to allow teachers to adapt the lessons plans to their own requirements. 

Information of other useful books and websites can be found on the website

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