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The Vikings were known as traders. They traded goods from many countries, including Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea, Russia and the Middle-East.

Vikings traded in order to accumlate wealth and they were particularly fond of silver. Sometimes they buried their wealth in hoards to keep it safe.

Archeaologists have found large numbers of hoards across Britian. One of the largest was found at Cuerdale Hall, near Preston in Lancashire. It was buried in a lead chest which contained over 8500 pieces of silver, weighing 40kg. It included 7500 coins and 1000 ingots (small bars of silver), ornaments and fragments of silver. The hoard included Anglo-Saxon and Viking coins, as well as others from the Middle East, Italy and the Frankish kingdom (modern France). The hoard can be dated from the coins to AD901-905.
Cuerdale Hoard (AN1909.519-551)
Part of Cuerdale Hoard
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