Stonehenge and the Ashmolean

Objects from the collection of Mr A.D. Passmore

Mr A.D. Passmore was a well-known antiquary and archaeologist from Wiltshire who donated his collection to the Ashmolean Museum in the mid 1950's. The collection includes material that he collected and recorded himself as well as objects acquired from other collectors. The Passmore collection is currently the subject of a re-cataloguing and research project by the author of these pages.
Polished flint axe
[AN1955.102d xxiv]
[AN1955.102d xlii]
[AN1955.102d xvii]
[AN1955.102d xxvi]

A number of the objects in the Passmore Collection come from the area around Stonehenge. These consist of stone tools, and pottery. Most of these objects were found during the 1923 excavation of a section of the Avenue at Stonehenge. O.G.S. Crawford carried out this excavation, which Mr. Passmore assisted with.

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