Stonehenge and the Ashmolean

Objects from the Hawley excavations (1921-28)

On behalf of the Ministry of Works, Lt.-Col. W. Hawley excavated the area around the stones, as well as the area immediately outside of the circle, including the Aubrey holes and the Slaughter Stone. Each season of excavation was published in the Antiquaries Journal, though these articles are not as informative as modern readers might like.

Soft hammerstone (chalk).

Hammerstone or maul. Antler picks.
The finds from these excavations were catalogued by Mr R. Newall, a local amateur archaeologist. Most of the finds were deposited at the Salisbury Museum, although some were reburied in trenches near Hawley's living quarters on site. Mr Newall also selected a representative sample for other museums: the Ashmolean (Oxford), the MAA Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology (Cambridge), the National Museum of Wales (Cardiff), and the British Museum (London).

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