Stonehenge and the Ashmolean

List of miscellaneous items relating to Stonehenge
Accession Number Source Description
AN1927.3995 John Evans Collection 1880 Scraper of white flint, kidney shaped
AN1933.1720 Presented by Rev. Charles Overy White flint scraper
---------- Rev. H. Neville Hutchinson MA (Cantab/FGS.


Photograph. Labeled "Photo of model reconstruction of Stonehenge. Scale of model 1:100".
---------- Rev. H. Neville Hutchinson Photograph. Labeled "Photo of same model 1922."
---------- Unknown Plate. Labeled "Ground Plan of Stonehenge" published for W. Miller Albemarle St London January 1 1811
---------- Unknown Plate. Labeled "Stonehenge-Surveyed in the Year 1810" published for W. Miller Albemarle St London January 1 1811
---------- Unknown Newspaper clipping from The Illustrated London News Aug 18 1923, p. 302, 303 "News Discoveries at Stonehenge Made from the Air: Photographs at 4000 Feet Revealing a Lost Avenue." By O.G.S Crawford.
---------- Lewis Archive Map. "Map of the Amesbury Abbey Estate (Amesbury Portion) Wiltshire. For sale by Auction by Messrs. Knight, Frank & Rutley 1915."
---------- Lewis Archive Plan. Hand-drawn by ?Lewis.
---------- Lewis Archive Glossy modern looking drawing of Victorians frolicking around the stones.
---------- Lewis Archive Manuscript with drawings of the stones and his notes.
  Lewis Archive Plate. Drawing of Stonehenge with plans from different periods. Faint pencil writing indescipherable, 1806.
  Lewis Archive Various notes summarizing articles in journals & books & lectures & bibliography.
  Lewis Archive Plate. "A Map of Stonehenge and its environs" from Sir Richard Colt Hoare's "Ancient Wilts" surveyed by P. Crocker c.1810.
  Lewis Archive A few photographs of the monument.
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