Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (ANET)

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Terracotta: AN1910.668

Object: Female Figurine

Period: Bronze Age: Early Bronze Age

Dimensions: H: 8.2cm. W: 3.8cm.

Region: Anatolia

Find Spot: no provenance

Description: (cf. no. 380 above); baked; handmodelled; brownish ochre fabric, highly burnished; the incised lines were deeply cut before firing and filled with a white substance of which traces remain; unlike no. 380 above the back is entirely plain. Triangular shaped head with dots to indicate the eyes, at the extremity of the face on each side, and the mouth, within a pattern of converging chevrons; necklace of dots with an upper and lower line. The remainder of the body is rendered just like no. 380 above, but the breasts are not indicated by rises in the clay.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 381

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