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Marble: AN1911.289

Object: Female figurine

Period: Neolithic

Dimensions: H: 5cm.

Region: Anatolia

Find Spot: no provenance

Description: seated; nude; coarse marble; worn surface; the back of the head is fractured and the face so rubbed as to be virtually featureless; the breasts are shown close together with a roll of fat below them; the arms are bent at the elbows with hands placed in the lap (? over the abdomen), incised lines indicate a girdle or a roll of fat round the waist, concealed at the front by the hands; the back is flat with a deep groove down the centre; the lower limbs are represented by a rectangular base with an incised line making the separation of the buttocks; it would appear that the figure is to be seen as squatting with legs folded under the body (cf. Bittel 1934, fig. 2, from Çukurkent).

Reference: Moorey (2004) 9

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