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Steatite (Serpentine): AN1911.290

Object: Female figurine

Period: Neolithic

Dimensions: H: 4.5cm.

Region: Anatolia

Find Spot: no provenance

Description: standing; nude; green steatite, ("serpentine"), the lower part of the body lighter in colour than the higher; apart from a slight projection of the buttocks the back of the figurine is flat; the top of the head is rounded with the ears rendered by notches cut into the stone. Small incisions denote the eyes, the mouth indicated by a gash, but the nose is omitted. The arms are folded across the chest, indicated only by grooves above and below; wide hips taper into the legs, which are short with the feet simply rendered by an incised line at the ankles; incised lines render the pubic triangle and the division between the legs.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 8

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