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After Annibale Carracci (1560 - 1609)
Carlo Allard (1648 - 1709), publisher

Object name:print

Pallas and Medusa

Series title:

etching, 1648 - 1709

Published in 

168 x 235 mm Sheet


Ovid: Metam: (top left) / Libr: 4, vers: 604 (top right) / Palladis auxilio [] caput (below image) / A. Carraccius pinxit. / Sumptibus C. Allard cum Privilegio (below image)

Francis Douce (L. 689) (verso, on secondary support)
Bodleian Library

Bequeathed by Francis Douce, 1834.; WA1863.5113

L.: Frits Lugt, Les marques de collection de dessins and d'estampes [...], 2 vols (Amesterdam, Vereenigde Drukkerijen, 1921-1956)

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