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Bowl on low foot with the capture of Sinon

Guido di Merlino

Urbino, c. 1540 - 1545

27.8cm (diameter)

tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica)

Inscribed in brownish black with an inscription that is not totally decipherable but which refers to the Homeric subject of Sinon allowing himself to be captured by Trojans and taken to King Priam: Sinon ecco intento i pastor traianisieme conducano Al re conalte grigda uninfe un buon tre havea lonea lernandietre P.

The initial P, apparently but not certainly representing the initial of the painter, occurs on other pieces including WA1947.191.264. However, the opportunity to study this plate alongside the related Ashmolean pieces suggests that this cannot be by the same painter.

Lent from a private collection.  LI192.7

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