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Bowl moulded in relief with the Sacred Trigram and "Saint Bernadino rays"

Andreoli Maestro Giorgio

Gubbio, c. 1530 - 1540

18.8cm (diameter)

tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica); lustred

The combination of the "Sacred Monogram" (cf WA1899.CDEF.C422) and a sunburst was an emblem particularly associated with the Franciscan preacher Bernardino of Siena (1380-1444; canonized 1450).

Dishes with relief decoration made by pressing the unfired bowl over a mould or with stamps were a particular speciality of the workshop of Maestro Giorgio in the 1530s. The idea is derived from embossed metalwork.

On the back, within the foot, perhaps a badly drawn N (cf WA1888.CDEF.C434).

Lent from the Barlow Collection.  LI206.5

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