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14 of 1571

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Cristofano Allori (1577 - 1621)

Bernardo Davanzati Bostichi

A797b; oil on canvas; 48 x 37 cm

Prov: Carlo Davanzati Bostichi; Incontri family, Florence; Lord Nelson

Presented by The Art Fund, 1951; WA1951.50

Chappell 1984, no. 11

The sitter (1529-1606) was an antiquarian and scholar. Baldinucci recorded that Bostichi's son, Carlo, a patron and friend of Allori, owned a bust-length portrait of Bernardo by the artist. Engraved by Francesco Rondinelli, A797b may have served as the model for the portrait of Bernardo included in a ceiling in the Uffizi by Agnolo Gori of 1658 (repainted after 1762).

Information derived from the The Ashmolean Museum index.php/complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.