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6 of 1571

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Willem van Aelst (1627 - in or after 1683)

Still Life of Fruit

A528; oil on canvas; 47 x 39 cm

Prov: Dr Seligmann

Bequeathed by Daisy Linda Ward, 1939; WA1940.2.4

Meijer 2003, no. 2

The existence of a copy of this painting (last recorded in a sale in Cologne in 1933) with wider margins, particularly along the upper edge, suggests that the Oxford painting has been cut down on all sides. It probably dates from a time close to a very similar painting of peaches in Budapest dated 1667. Velvet cloths, similarly painted, are found in paintings by van Aelst dating from between 1667 and 1674.

Information derived from the The Ashmolean Museum index.php/complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.