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7 of 1571

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Agnolo di Domenico di Donnino (1466 - c.1513)

Sts Bartholomew and Julian the Hospitaler

A99; tempera (and oil?) and gold on panel; 77.9 x 64 cm


Presented by William Thomas Horner Fox-Strangways , later 4th Earl of Ilchester, 1850; WA1850.14

Lloyd 1977, pp. 112-3; Fahy 1993

A99 belongs to a lost altar-piece of which two other fragments are known showing The Virgin and Childand Sts Leonard and James the Great. The apostle Bartholomew is usually depicted with a knife, the instrument of his martyrdom. St Julian, a nobleman who accidentally murdered his parents, founded a hospice for travellers in atonement. The artist formerly known as the Master of Santo Spirito has been plausibly identified as Agnolo di Domenico.

Information derived from the The Ashmolean Museum index.php/complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.