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About Burgon Archive Project


This incarnation of the Burgon Archive Project was created by Alys Spillman as part of the Oxford University Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Archaeology. Many thanks to Michael Vickers, Alison Roberts, and Jonathan Moffett, all of the Ashmolean Museum; and also Susan Lisk of the Oxfordshire SMR, who had many constructive comments on the creation of this web site. The Burgon Archive Project is not intended to be static, and will hopefully continue to evolve and grow as more people are able to contribute to the available knowledge of Thomas Burgon and his work.


  • To render the watercolor images and associated information in the Burgon Archive accessible to a wider audience. This will be accomplished by the creation of a dynamic web archive, to be updated as more information is found.

  • To locate and connect to the existing archive any further information regarding Thomas Burgon and his excavations in the Aegean in the early 19th century.

  • Potentially provenience and determine origins for some/any of the objects in the Archive and relate them to their current location in various museum catalogues. Integrate this information into the archive in a meaningful way.


The project has three main components: Database, Research, and Web Site Design


  • determine overall character and condition of archive
  • determine number of sheets and general nature of each sheet
  • Embed images (web sized) into database


  • Research various sources for additional information on Burgon and his work
  • Consider sources relevant to the provenience of the items (on stylistic grounds?)
  • Based on the findings of this research, alter database accordingly. new fields to be compliant with ISAD(G) data standards.

    Web site

  • Design and publish a preliminary web site based on initial information
  • Create design for web site using good practice points from Web Design for Archaeology short course. Get input from individuals with relevant skills.
  • Post this with help/input from Ashmolean IT department and various others.


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The Ashmolean Museum retains the copyright of all materials
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Page created by: A. Spillman
Last updated: 24-nov-2004
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