Photograph of ET Leeds
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Photograph of ET Leeds beside a trench
Exploring the Past through the Work of E.T. Leeds and A2A

E.T. Leeds Documentary Archive

Most of the papers in the collection are the archaeological and working papers of Edward Thurlow Leeds, although some personal papers are included.

E.T. Leeds was a keen scholar of different periods of archaeology and his working papers contain notes on Prehistoric, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Early Modern archeaology.

These working papers include:

  • record sheets of sites he visited and artefacts he saw,
  • lecture notes,
  • draft manuscripts and proof copies of some of Leeds' many publications,
  • photographs,
  • drawings
  • and many letters to Leeds.

There is also a comprehensive series of notebooks, some personal papers, news cuttings and records of his membership of Oxford University Anthropological Society.

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